Career Summary

Master student of Embedded Systems with a business-oriented mindset. Core expertise in IoT and cross-competency skills in multiple domains including Security and Robotics

Work Experience

IoT Engineer

February 2021 - Now

Embedded System Developer

January 2020 - January 2021
Firmware Development
  • Firmware Development: 32 Bit microcontroller SoC development using FreeRTOS with sensor interfacing
  • Communication: Wifi and RF based remote link with Over the Air (OTA) updates

Technologies used:

  • C
  • WiFi
  • OTA
  • RF
  • RTOS

ROS developer at JdeRobot

May 2020 - August 2020
My project: JdeMultiBot was designed to extend the single robot Amazon warehouse exercise to implement a scalable, cooperative, multi-agent task and path planning system. Additionally, JdeMultiBot was intended to leverage the latest release of ROS2 (Foxy), using its features and giving students a chance to get acquainted with the new age of robotics.

Technologies used:

  • C
  • WiFi
  • OTA
  • RF
  • RTOS

Internship + Master Thesis Researcher

March 2019 - Now
Simultaneous Localization and Mapping of Indoor Mobile Robot with exploration and collaboration


  • Using ROS and Google Cartographer for automatic generation of floorplans
  • End To End Processing Chain, complete with cloud robotics using docker
  • SLAM Algorithm Research and Development with multi-robot collaboration
  • Cloud Decentralized simulation using gazebo

Technologies used:

  • Google Cartographer
  • ROS
  • Robot
  • Docker
  • Bash

Student Assistant IoT MiddleWare

June 2019 - Now
Cloud and Predictive Maintenance agent development
  • Machine Learning Agent: ML agent which processes, trains, predicts and visualizes data. A number of different algorithms and data inputs are supported. In addition, RESTful application interface is made available to use.
  • Chariot Cloud: Created REST API service which handles big data operations in MongoDB and MySQL. The data API is generic and reusable across different use cases.
  • Maintenance Agent: Java (JIAC) agent which handles machine learning training and prediction requests.
  • CHARIOT platform connects various decentralized devices in an Industry 4.0 factory environment such as Conveyor Belt and image Sensor with service components such as monitoring, maintenance and task scheduling. The communication protocol is open source, JAVA based JIAC framework and REST API.

Technologies used:

  • Python
  • Java
  • MongoDB
  • MySQL
  • JIAC Agent
  • RESTful Services
  • Machine Learning

Summer Intern

July 2018 - October 2018
From understanding Data Encryption Standard (DES) to a user friendly demo implementation of Differential Power Analaysis attack on Smart Cards.


  • Record Traces from oscilloscope, of encrypting pain text using smart cards, by USBTMC
  • Developing object oriented, modular architecture in Python for every component of the project
  • Testing apllication for different elemnts. Eg: Large file sizes, Different scopes


  • Interactive and polished UI using PyQt for easy user interaction
  • Using moudles such as pyqtgraph and qthread for feature rich and responsive application

Technologies used:

  • PyQt
  • Python
  • GUI
  • OOP Design

Research and Development Engineer

Embionics Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Pune, India
June 2016 - July 2017
As an Embedded Systems and Firmware Developer in a growing startup, I worked on many challenging projects and cutting-edge technologies. While delivering projects based on IoT and Automotive domain to multinational clients, I gained substantial experience in Hardware and Software designing, Low level Device driver and Application development on ARM Cortex microcontrollers and System on Chips.


  • Ultra-Lightweight GPS Tracker for migratory birds
    • Responsible for entire design and development: from component selection to testing and delivery
    • Software architecting, Low power hardware and software design, BLE stack programming
  • Vehicular Tracking and Analytics Platform
    • Sensor interfacing, data processing on ARM Cortex M4 Microcontrollers
    • Low level Device driver and Application development, Hardware Schematic Designing

    Technologies used:

    • Embedded C
    • C++
    • ARM Cortex
    • BLE
    • nrf5x
    • FreedomBoard


    Master of Science in Embedded Systems (ES), Dual Degree

    TU Eindhoven, TU Berlin
    August 2017- Present

    Major: Embedded Multicore Systems. Minor: Innovation and Entreprenurship.
    Courses: Networked ES, Internet of Things, Embedded Computer Architecture, Real Time ES, ES Lab, Quantitative Evaluation of ES, Innovation Space Project, Open Innovation, Project and Process Mgmt.


    • Indoor warehouse robot management system in RoS: Task and Path Planning
    • Sensor Fusion of Camera, LiDAR and RADAR for parking lot detection in autonomous vehicles
    • Vehicle to Vehicle communication using WAVE and WiFi-p for emergency vehicles
    • Data analysis and prediction of energy grid usage for IoT using machine learning.
    • Porting and optimization of EEG application in C to CUDA, OpenMP
    • Multi-core, optimized JPEG Decoder application
    • Parallel Computing
    • Real Time Systems
    • Machine Learning
    • Requiremnt Verification
    • Multicore - Optimized Processing
    • Machine Learning
    • IoT
    • Dataflow Modelling
    • Business Development
    • Market Research

    Summer School: IoT Platforms for Industry 4.0

    TU Munich
    July 2018

    With real startups and an interdisciplinary team, we developed from scratch a technical, practical and business oriented implementation of IoT in industry 4.0 for ‘Industrial Tool Tracker’.

    • Data: Gathering, Processing, Publishing
    • Industrtrial IoT
    • Rapid Prototyping
    • 3D Printing
    • MindSphere
    • Lean Startup
    • Business Model Innovation

    Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Telecommunication

    University of Pune
    June 2012- June 2016
    With coursework of electrical, electronics, computer and telecommunication engineering I was able to acquire the knowledge needed for advanced studies in Embedded Systems. Secured First Class with Distinction
    Important Courses: Embedded Systems and Real Time Operating Systems, Systems Programming, Very Large System Integration Design, Electronic Product Design, Internet of Things.

    • Softwere Engineering
    • Algorithms and Programming
    • Electronics
    • Analog and Digital Communication
    • Signal Processing

    Skills & Tools

    • C, C++
    • Python
    • HTML, JavaScript, D3
    • ROS
    • CUDA, OpenMP
    • Firmware, Microcontrollers


    • Machine Learning
    • Linux
    • Git
    • RTOS
    • MATLAB
    • LoRAWAN
    • BLE
    • ARM
    • Ideation and Creative thinking
    • Project planning and management


    • Student Ambassiodr EIT Digital Master School
    • Recipient of EIT Digital scholarship
    • Part of the winning team in EIT Digital Winter School, Eindhoven.


    • English (Fluent)
    • Marathi (Native)
    • Hindi (Fluent)
    • German (Conversational)
    • Japanese (Basic)


    • Avid traveler and travel blog writer
    • Amateur hiker
    • Astronomy Enthusiast